Removing Squirrels From Your Attic Permanently

Squirrels may look cute in your yard, but only in smaller numbers. However, when they begin invading your attic and setting up their nests there, they certainly prove to be a nuisance that you need to get rid of.

While setting up traps or maybe even driving the squirrels out with scare tactics may seem like permanent solutions, these apparent tricks also have several downsides. For example, if a scared squirrel decided to hide in a space where it is impossible to reach, you simply wouldn’t be able to get the squirrel out. (more…)

Squirrels and Roof Damages They Can Cause

Squirrels may be small in size but they have reputation of being some of the most destructive animals. They have one of the toughest teeth among animals and can eat through almost anything including polythene as well as lead sheathing. Among their many destructive actions, squirrels are known to be disastrous on roofs. But how do squirrels damage roofs? (more…)