Wildlife Removal Scarborough

Effective solutions for dealing with raccoon, squirrel and pigeon problems. Licensed trappers with many years of experience in the field, capable of dealing with diverse circumstances. Our trappers can safely remove animals from your home or business while efficiently sealing off all entry points and weak spots thus ensuring the complete exclusion of all wildlife. Call us now to shield your property from nuisance wildlife: 647-560-1769


Raccoons are medium sized mammals native to North America. They range from 40 to 70 cm in length and from 3.5 to 9km in weight. These creatures are distinguishable due to their grayish coat and facial mask. These characteristics are so focal that they had become themes in Native American Mythology. Raccoons are intelligent creatures that have adapted well in the urban and suburban environments. In areas such as Scarborough they are known to have caused substantial structural damage to a series of homes and businesses by entering attics or destroying roof shingles.


Squirrels are medium sized rodents. They are about 18cm long and 3 kg in weight. Their tale can range up to 6cm. The most common squirrels found in urban and suburban environments are the grey and its melanistic subgroup the black squirrel. A melanistic variety of the gray squirrel, the black squirrel seems to have been predominant in the evolutionary ladder. Both black and grey squirrels are avid chewers and can cause damage to your property or even spread disease. These critters can easily access attic spaces given their small size.


Pigeons are birds with stout bodies and short necks. These birds feed on seeds, fruits, and plants. Pigeons generally build relatively structurally weak nests from sticks and other debris. They usually lay one or two eggs. When pigeons infest a building they multiply relatively fast that is why swift action is required. Our technicians use traps, spikes and nets to keep pigeons away from your property.

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