Squirrel Removal Scarborough. Our team is comprised by professional wildlife technicians with decades of experience in the field. We provide reliable and effective wildlife removal services. Our wildlife removal practices are efficient and humane. We will get the squirrels out of your home and make sure they will not be able to come back in. Call now and speak to a wildlife technician about your squirrel problem. Let us see if and how we can help you. Call to book an inspection 647-560-1769

Squirrel Inspection Services

The first step to any wildlife removal job is a thorough and accurate inspection of your premises. Our technician will safely climb on your roof to investigate any potential entry holes the squirrels might have created. Once on the roof the technician will document all entry points by capturing the necessary photographs. These photographs will remain in his file for future reference but will also be the cornerstone for identifying the work that needs to be done. By taking photographs from the inspection the homeowner will have a better understanding of the situation at hand. If the homeowner wishes, these photographs can be emailed to him so that he can keep an up to date record of the process and the work completed. The services we provide are transparent and we are proud of the work we do.

Squirrel Removal Services

The photographs taken will be used to draw out an action plan that is in line with the homeowners’ expectations. When a decision has been reached on the best possible approach, only then will we start working. Our goals and the homeowners need to be aligned at all times. The technician will place galvanized wire mesh on identified entry points while setting a one way door on one or more of the holes.  The outmost care is always taken to ensure that no further damage accrues to your property. This one way door will enable the squirrels to exit your home but it will not allow them to re-enter in thus ensuring that your squirrel problem will disappear. Upon our second visit we will remove the one way doors once we confirm that all animals have exited your property.

Animal Proofing Solutions

In some situations however where the damage caused by the squirrels or even raccoons is so severe that a more substantiated animal proofing procedure is in need. We are capable with dealing with such situations by providing a whole house animal proofing service. This process is more extensive and usually involves placing chimney caps, installing screens under decks and strengthening all weak points in your roof, points that animals can use to enter. This service comes with a warranty attached so that you can rest assured no further wildlife will ever enter your home.

Being in the wildlife industry for decades, we know that squirrels and even raccoons can be hard to deal with and in some situations they can even pose structural risks to your property. If you are dealing with a squirrel problem please give us a call at 647-560-1769