How to Self Inspect an Attic for Raccoon Infestation

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Raccoons can be a nuisance especially when they occupy your attic. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell from the onset whether the movements taking place in the attic are due to the presence of a raccoon or some other rodent like a rat. It is possible, however, to conduct an inspection of the area yourself to determine if these animals have decided to occupy your home. Here is how to self inspect an attic for raccoon infestation.Damage
Check for structural damages caused by the animals as they enter the attic. Raccoons shred wallpapers, insulation around pipes, the roof, and vent ducts to make bedding material. These kinds of damages are hard to miss and you can easily tell that an animal was present in the area when you see these signs.

Raccoon Sighting
Sighting the animal in the attic is a sure way to determine its presence. You can make a trip to the area to find out for yourself if a raccoon has decided to share your home with you. You may be surprised to find a whole raccoon family living in your house.

Nocturnal Movements
Raccoons are nocturnal animals and, therefore, tend to roam at night. Listen to the noises coming from the attic and the roof especially at night. The animals make a lot of scurrying and rustling noises. They also communicate with one another through different sounds and are very vocal. You can also detect the presence of a baby raccoon from the mewing and whining sounds that they make. All these should alert you that there is an unwelcome guest in your house.

Fecal Droppings
Another way to detect the presence of raccoons in the attic is through their fecal droppings. Since they have made your house their home, they will also use it to relieve themselves. Be careful not to come into contact with the feces in case they are infected. Raccoon feces are tubular and dark and produce a pungent smell. You can be sure that they have established a presence in your home when you see these types of droppings.

Garbage Remnants
You can also check for garbage remnants in the attic because raccoons will turn the area into a feeding place. If you spot food remnants that may have likely come from the trashcan then you probably have an animal residing in your house.

These are simple inspection procedures that you can carry out by yourself to establish if a raccoon has occupied your attic. You can then initiate the control measures afterwards.

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