How to Self Inspect an Attic for Raccoon Infestation

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Raccoons can be a nuisance especially when they occupy your attic. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell from the onset whether the movements taking place in the attic are due to the presence of a raccoon or some other rodent like a rat. It is possible, however, to conduct an inspection of the area yourself to determine if these animals have decided to occupy your home. Here is how to self inspect an attic for raccoon infestation. (more…)

Removing Squirrels From Your Attic Permanently

Squirrels may look cute in your yard, but only in smaller numbers. However, when they begin invading your attic and setting up their nests there, they certainly prove to be a nuisance that you need to get rid of.

While setting up traps or maybe even driving the squirrels out with scare tactics may seem like permanent solutions, these apparent tricks also have several downsides. For example, if a scared squirrel decided to hide in a space where it is impossible to reach, you simply wouldn’t be able to get the squirrel out. (more…)

What You Need to Know About Raccoon Removal Services

Raccoon removal services are your knights in shining armor when it comes to ridding your property of these pesky creatures and although there are plenty of services out there to choose from, choosing the right one is as important as taking the decision to hire professional help.

Some of these tips will help you hire the right professionals for the job, and since most of these doubts can be cleared even over the phone, you don’t have to worry about extra hassles either. (more…)

Squirrels and Roof Damages They Can Cause

Squirrels may be small in size but they have reputation of being some of the most destructive animals. They have one of the toughest teeth among animals and can eat through almost anything including polythene as well as lead sheathing. Among their many destructive actions, squirrels are known to be disastrous on roofs. But how do squirrels damage roofs? (more…)

How to Keep Raccoons Out of a Garden

Of all the pesky little critters that can visit and enjoy the fruits of your garden labors, raccoons are perhaps some of the most intelligent, crafty, and persistent of the lot. For these little masked bandits, one taste will simply not be enough. Once they find your garden, they will make themselves at home to return again and again. This article is intended to help you remove raccoons from your property. (more…)

Best Pigeon Repellant For Your Home

Pigeons are cute birds as long as they do not infest roofs and ledges to such an extent that they cause damage to the building and their droppings become a health hazard. This article aims to provide some useful information with regard to the best pigeon repellants that are humane, effective and affordable.

Best Pigeon Repellants For Your Home

Before implementing pigeon repellents and pigeon removal, it is important to be aware of the local bird protection laws as harming specific bird species is illegal in some states. (more…)