Pigeon Control Scarborough. Our team of technicians is well trained and can deal with a plethora of pigeon control issues. Call us to speak to a professional bird control technician about your problem and let us see if and how we can help. One of our technicians will visit your property and conduct a thorough inspection of the premises. Call to schedule an inspection at 647-560-1769

Pigeon Control Services

The first step in dealing with a pigeon infestation is an accurate and thorough inspection. Our technicians will safely climb on your roof and inspect every inch of your premises for potential pigeon entry points. During the inspection the technician will keep a photographic record of his observations. Photographs are the most efficient tool in communicating the particulars of the given situation to the home or business owner. This process guarantees transparency in the work actually required to fix the problem at hand.  Based on the photographic material, the technician’s assessment and the owners preferences an action plan will be drawn out.  When a decision has been reached on the best possible approach, only then will work commence.

Our technicians are able to provide numerous approaches in dealing with pigeon infestations. Effective pigeon exclusion is always a vital step in the successful completion of the job. The technician will use wire mesh to keep pigeons from entering your property. In addition, the technician can apply spikes, nets and even wires to prevent pigeons from visiting and thus damaging your property.

An important part of pigeon control is dealing with what is left behind. That is, dealing with pigeon feces. Pigeon feces are known carriers of various pathogens capable of seriously endangering human lives. Feel free to read some of our blog posts for further information on the various diseases associated with pigeons. We provide cleaning and disinfecting services that include removal of feces and nesting materials.

Dealing with pigeon infestations can be difficult, time consuming and even dangerous. If you are facing a pigeon infestation at your home or business please give us a call. Call at 647-560-1769